Functional Skills English Level 2


Study the NCFE Functional Skills English Level 2 (optional exams online or at centre) with Upskill Online UK and get a support and accountability coach in addition to your tutor, offering excellent value for money and to ensure you complete this qualification with confidence. A great equivalent for a GCSE and accepted by most employers and universities.


Study online NCFE Functional Skills English Level 2 (with optional exams) with Upskill Online UK and get a Mentor and accountability coach in addition to your course tutor. Functional Skills English Level 2 is an alternative equivalent of a GCSE English, which is an essential qualification and skill for most jobs, careers and academic studies. This qualification makes up the core of a standard general education. You can be confident you will achieve this with a 98% pass rate in 2022.


QAN 603/5054/4 (Check qualification code with OFQUAL here)

Course Units

Unit 1 – Speaking and Listening

  • Follow narratives and lines of argument.
  • Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly and effectively, providing further detail and development if required.
  • Use language that is effective, accurate and appropriate to context and situation.
Unit 2 – Reading
  • Use a range of reference materials and appropriate resources (e.g. glossaries, legends/keys) for different purposes, including to find the meanings of works in straight forward and complex sources.
  • Follow an argument, identifying different points of view and distinguishing fact from opinion.
  • Identify difference styles of writing and writer’s voice.
Unit 3 – Writing
  • Punctuate writing correctly using a wide range of punctuation marks (e.g. colons, commas, inverted commas, apostrophes and quotation marks).
  • Spell words used in work, study and daily life, including a range of specialist words.
  • Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly, coherently and effectively.

Awarding Body: NCFE is the leader in vocational and technical learning committed to powering a more intelligent education eco-system. We combine over 170 years of experience with deep insight into what is needed and what works.


NCFE functional skills upskill online uk

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of this Functional Skills English Level 2 course, successful learners will be awarded a formal qualification and certificate of achievement by NCFE. Check OFQUAL for qualification here


Course Assessment

The Functional Skills English Level 2 course is designed for distance learning study. To successfully pass the course, you’ll complete a series of practice papers and, with your tutor’s approval, your final exams.

You can choose to book your exams with us here at Upskill Online UK, and can choose remote exams or we can arrange for you to complete your final exams at one of our local exam centres in the UK.


Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements however we recommend that you have an intermediate level of English language, if English is your second language.

6 months
Guided Learning Hours
What Next?

Many of our learners over the age of 19 years old may complete this Functional Skills English Level 2 course for entrance into university, or higher education, an apprenticeship or to demonstrate core competencies to employers they have basic literacy, communication and numeracy skills to fulfil a job role.

You may wish to study Functional Skills Maths Level 2 alongside this Functional Skills English Level 2 course. The equivalent to GCSE Maths and GCSE English Language.



There are two ways you can sit your exam:

  1. Remote or Online invigilated exams are now available for this course. You must have a camera on your PC or Laptop*.
  2. Attend one of our exam centres -Locations of our exam centres in the UK:> Coventry
    > St Neots
    > Taunton
    > Wimbledon
    > Belfast
    > Bolton
    > Doncaster
    > High Wycombe
    > Romford


You will receive qualified Tutor support, as well as your very own Upskill Online UK personal mentor and accountability coach, to help keep you motivated and on track with accountability sessions. You will get exam preparation. We will also help you to plan the next steps in your personal, academic or professional journey and provide your very own roadmap to success.




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