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10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024

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We are well into 2024 and it’s clear the cost if living has been in essence detrimental to individuals, families and businesses nationwide. Are you one of the millions of people looking for a way to out? Wages don’t last a month, bills sky rocketing, food costs a bomb, worry every month. It’s seriously depressing. This is why we share 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024.

Following COVID, Brexit and the COL crisis and new working conditions, people are investing in themselves. People are now seeking job fulfilment, lifestyle balance, along with financial freedom more than ever before. This need has affected millions of us either financially and has a huge negative impact on our mental health.

Upskill Online UK shows you 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024 and how it can help you financially, change your situation and improve your mental health.

  • 10 Ways to Become Profitable When You Upskill Online
  • 10 reasons why you should upskill online in the UK
  • 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024

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10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024

1. Start Your Side Hustle 

Around 70% of our Learners tell us that The Cost of Living Crisis alone is the main reason why they want to learn a new skill, or enhance current ones to make extra money for their home and family. Working all month and not having a wage that lasts the month is soul destroying and depressing.

It is no longer acceptable and people are becoming wise to learning new skills in how they can make more money for themselves to live a more comfortable and enjoyable life.

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2. Upgrade Your Job 

Did you wake up in your thirties or forties and wonder what are you doing with your life or career? Where has the time gone? Ask yourself ‘what do I really enjoy or want to do?’ If you’re still feeling unfulfilled in your day job, hate the fact you work so much but your salary doesn’t stretch to the end of the month, its time to change your situation.

Maybe you want to get a job after having time out or raising children, by learning brand new CPD skills that employers desire and help fill the skills gap in the UK. Gain confidence and essential skills that further add value to yourself and an organisation. You can put what you have learnt to good practice and earn more money for doing so, when you upskill online.

3. Personal Development and Growth 

Just like a toddler learning to walk and talk – when you continually learn something new, you are inspired, you gain knowledge resulting in growth. It opens your mind up to new ideas and solutions to problems you may be facing. Personal development and growth is essential for your mind, body and soul and actualisation.

Learning is earning for life when you upskill online in your own home, and on your own terms with a clear plan. You CAN achieve it all from your sofa. Here is a FREE Year Compass that helps you reflect on the past year and plan for the next one.

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4. Help and Support Others 

Many people in the UK care for another adult apart from themselves. Between 3% – 5% of all school aged children have diagnosed ADHD. Similarly, around 3% – 4% of UK adults have ADHD. If you caring for someone who is vulnerable, frustrated or feels misunderstood, you can gain an insight into their condition and otherwise learn how to best support them in the a way that works for you both.

Maybe you are home schooling your child and want to learn study skills to support them. You can when you upskill online and you could even be eligible for funding to pay for the full course. Have a look here to see if you are eligible for a funded course. Knowledge is power! And even nicer when its FREE!

5. Start a New Career 

Did you know the average age a person changes careers is 39 years old. You are never too old to start again or change career paths. According to the UK government, there is no UK retirement age or default age of retirement however you cannot claim a state pension until you are 65 years old. (This could rise to 68 for Men in 2028 according to DWP website). That’s nearly another 30 years of your working life.

Consider this, Eric Yuan founded Zoom at the age of 41. Toni Morrison wrote her first novel “The Bluest Eye,” at age 40. Samuel L. Jackson landing an award-winning role at age 43. Finally, Henry Ford designed the revolutionary Model T car at aged 45 . The list goes on. Go for it, its never too late to learn something new or ignite your inner passion that leads to your ultimate success.

start a new career 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Should Upskill Online in 2024
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6. Improve Your Mood or Mental Health 

Studying can help you to build confidence, increase your skills and improve mental health.  Nonetheless, it is important to remember that studying is likely to bring a number of changes to your life. It can be enjoyable and interesting, however it can also be challenging. The key here is not to take on too much, and do not study courses that may be triggering eg. It could distress you to study End of Life Care if you are going through a bereavement, or nursed a loved one to rest.

Studying can help you to acquire knowledge and inspire you to help improve or change your circumstances for the better. Read more with this studying and mental health fact sheet.

7. Become a Volunteer or Mentor 

Reach Volunteering reports that 93% of charities say their Reach volunteer makes them more effective, and indeed what a rewarding way to give back. They currently have 2442 unfilled volunteer opportunities throughout the UK. Equally, your local charity shop may be just as happy to have you serve them. If you have had an elated experience, traumatic ordeal, or are highly qualified, likewise experienced or skilled in a certain subject, topic or industry – chances are you would be a great mentor for someone else. Can you support somebody, while they support someone else?

Volunteering can be very rewarding as all parties involve usually benefit from a placement. Learn new skills, put your current ones into practice and help to elevate others for the greater good! Check out some of Reach Volunteer opportunities here.

become a volunteer or mentor 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024
start an online business 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Should Upskill Online in 2024

8. Start an Online Business 

According to Statista, the United Kingdom (UK) has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe. In 2023, the country was expected to have nearly 60 million e-commerce users — leaving only a minority of the population as non-digital buyers. As a result, Online shopping has become the norm for shoppers everywhere. Lockdown taught us that we can still shop without bricks and mortar. As a result, people quickly learn how to make money online, run successful businesses and reach a worldwide audience. The 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024 article has given you some ideas.

Ask yourself, ‘what am I good at, knowledgeable about and what problems can I genuinely solve for people, the planet or animals’. Overall, do that. It’s not easy to build a sustainable online business if you are inexperienced, so try to share your passion instead. It can be just as lucrative. Learn more about Ecommerce in the UK. Learn how to set up your online business with Upskill Online UK here.

9. Go on to Study Further or Higher Education 

The truth is you don’t need to go to university to get a degree anymore (unless you want to become a doctor). Undeniably, it is much quicker and far cheaper to upskill online to get a degree. Surprisingly you can achieve in less time and around 10%-15% of the cost of the traditional Uni route.

£22,220 per year = £66,660 for a three year course, compared to £2,000 per year when you upskill online and fund it privately instead.

Online degrees are generally considered as valuable and respected as traditional degrees, and offer you flexibility and freedom to study as you wish and in your chosen environment.

Online degrees allow you to fast track your career into your chosen field in half the time and less than 10% of the cost, you can even pay in instalments. As so, it is more accessible than ever for you to enter your chosen profession at an advanced level, without acquiring the debt. Another key point to consider is, you start your new career with confidence, the credentials and the acquired skills to finally earn the salary you have always dreamed of. Therefore, it’s a no brainer. See our higher education courses here. More online degrees at Open University.

Study further or higher education  10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024
start a company 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024

10. Start a Company 

Adult online learning opens the doors to a wealth of information, theory, skills and knowledge. You can equip yourself to build something sustainable, professional and an especially credible business you can be proud of. With courses like bookkeeping, marketing, digital skills, compliance and even business plan writing nonetheless, you can access all areas of building a successful company and even register it online with Companies House without ever leaving your home.

Your idea or small online business can easily become a profitable registered company one day. Lastly, you can hire your own staff and make your own business decisions and gain financial freedom.

How you can improve your situation with online learning

The University of Columbia study recently reports that only 15% of learners complete their online course. That figure plummets to only 3% when comparing cohorts and group enrolments with individuals enrolled on adult online courses. By enrolling onto your course with Upskill Online UK as an individual or as an organisation, you will receive an accountability coach and sessions, in addition to weekly support, encouragement via email, Zoom or telephone calls to make sure you pass your course! 

Additionally, we will write you a realistic and workable plan and get you started to help you achieve your new job, side business, supporting that loved one or peace of mind you are longing for. 

Upskill Online UK have online qualifications for all people, budgets and backgrounds, this includes fully funded courses.

Sharing is Caring

I am here to share my wealth of knowledge with you to help you take those next steps, and undoubtedly improve what you already have in addition to help your business grow. In conclusion, we believe there is room for us all to succeed, so get in touch and let me show you how (for free). 

The outcome could be immense! Start your success story TODAY – its never to late to achieve.

1. The freedom of money
2. The desire to do good
3. Retirement & legacy
4. Own and run a successful business

More importantly, peace of mind.

Myself and the team aim to to make a positive difference, no matter how big or small. Hence our blog post 10 Profitable Reasons Why You Must Upskill Online in 2024 useful, informative and valuable to your life or business. Its not just about money, but your health, lifestyle and overall happiness. Please leave a comment to tell us what you found most useful in this post. Which one will you try? Comment below.

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