Access to Higher Education – Psychology and Mental Health

Course Content QAN: AIM 40012190

Unit 1 – Communication: Academic Essay Writing

As part of this unit, you will gain an understanding of academic essay writing. Including essay planning, structure and sourcing information. You’ll also look at the importance of academic referencing.

Unit 2 – Study Skills: Developing Research Skills

Research is a fundamental skill in higher education and in this unit we explore the different approaches to academic research and how you can use it in your work to add depth and evidence to points you make. We also look at how to properly credit original authors and use Harvard referencing to show where important information has come from.

Unit 3 – Personal Development: Applying for HE

In this unit we look at the UCAS system used to apply for higher education, and we learn how to make the most of the application process and the importance of career planning and realistic expectations.

Unit 4 – Communication: Presentation Skills

Presentations form a key life skill and important academic tool. In this unit we’ll develop and understanding of the importance of planning, organisation, preparation and delivery of presentations. Learning useful strategies along the way.

Unit 5 – Using ICT

In this unit you’ll gain all the knowledge you need to know, to be able to use a computer for your studying needs. This includes producing documents, sharing information, using the world wide web and using applications.

Unit 6 – Health Promotion

For this unit you will gain an understanding of the theories underpinning health promotion and health education. Exploring their importance and the features that make for a successful promotional campaign.

Unit 7 – Ethical Issues in Health

In this intriguing unit you will explore the theories of moral philosophy and understand the importance of a moral framework. Which is used for decision making in medical practice. Lastly you will look at the ways ethical considerations impinge on patient/client rights and responsibilities.

Unit 8 – Psychological Trauma

In this unit you will gain an understanding of the different approaches to explaining psychological trauma. Taking an in-depth look in to the factors around Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Lastly looking at diagnosis and treatment interventions for trauma.

Unit 9 – Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Well being

Here you will explore the reasons why children and adolescents mental ill-health and poor wellbeing. You will understand the range of therapeutic interventions available and their effectiveness. Lastly you will develop and understanding of historical and current mental health services.

Unit 10 – Dementia Care & Treatment

During this unit you will gain an understanding of the effects of Dementia on individual carers and their families. Looking at the impact social services have for individuals with Dementia. Lastly you will develop your knowledge of ethical issues surrounding the care of individuals with Dementia.

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