A Level Music

Course Content – Edexcel Syllabus (9MU0)

Unit 1 – Performing

  • Solo performance
  • Ensemble performance
  • Improvisation
  • Realisation using music technology
  • Approaches to performing
  • Musical elements
  • Musical contexts
  • Musical language

Unit 2 – Composing

  1. Compositional briefs
  2. Vocal music
  3. Instrumental music
  4. Music for film
  5. Fusions
  6. Popular music and jazz
  7. New directions
  8. Free composition
  9. Composition recording

Unit 3 – Appraising

  1. Analyse and evaluate music in aural and written form, using knowledge and understanding of musical elements, musical contexts and musical language to make critical judgements
  2. Formulate critical judgements, achieved through attentive listening and aural perception
  3. Comment on music, showing critical understanding through the genres, styles and traditions studied
  4. Use acute aural perception skills
  5. Use appropriate technical musical vocabulary to communicate sophisticated judgements
  6. Show an understanding of the complex interdependencies between musical elements

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