Level 4 Advanced Practitioner in Schools and Colleges

Course Content – NCFE CACHE Level 4 Advanced Practitioner in Schools and Colleges

Unit 1 – Enabling Individuals to Learn

In this unit, you’ll understand the roles and responsibilities of an advanced practitioner. You’ll gain awareness of the statutory educational frameworks in the UK and how to safeguard people of all age ranges, for example, against drug use or bullying. You’ll also look at how people learn, put the relevant theory into practice, and evidence how to apply new learning to the day-to-day role, reporting on changes to practice in one’s own setting through development of a learner portfolio. In addition, you’ll be expected to consider how the environment and learning activities influence an individual’s development. Finally, you’ll explore various leadership, mentoring and management skills and styles.

Unit 2 – Understand How to Support Children and Young People to Improve Their Mental Health and Well-Being

In this unit, you’ll uncover the core components of mental health and well-being, such as happiness, confidence and engagement. You’ll analyse factors that influence individuals from infancy to early adulthood, such as language and academic ability. You’ll also gain insight into current legislation within the UK and how individual perceptions can be shaped by media, cultural or public surroundings. Finally, you’ll explore coping strategies and resilience building to better support and improve individuals’ mental health and well-being.

Unit 3 – Working with Others to Support Individuals with Additional Needs and Disability in a School or College

In this unit, you’ll cover current frameworks for inclusive practice, evaluating policies and procedures in relation to statutory frameworks and national guidance. You’ll examine factors that impact those learning with special education needs or disabilities, as well as the level of assistance required to support them. You’ll also discover the role and responsibilities of the Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCo), analysing strategies used by practitioners to help those with additional needs. Finally, you’ll consider aspects that affect families caring for individuals, evaluate partnership working with other professionals, and reflect on a range of policies and procedures to better support individuals with additional or special educational needs or disabilities in one’s own setting.

Unit 4 – Working with Families and Other Professionals in a School or College Setting

In this unit, you’ll understand the requirements for partnership working in schools and colleges, such as different strategies to incorporate and barriers to overcome when working with families. You’ll discover the diverse needs of families and how to address them. Finally, you’ll learn how to lead, coach and mentor staff within one’s own setting, using methods and strategies for overcoming challenges in relation to partnership working.

Unit 5 – Implementing Change in School or College Setting

In this unit, you’ll plan a research project from scratch. This will include selecting you research topic and using established methods and techniques to design your project. You’ll perform a literature review of academic research papers exploring ideas for change in one’s own setting. You’ll also use research methods to review an established research paper, summarise its main findings, and provide recommendations for change. In addition, you’ll implement and evaluate any changes in one’s own setting. Finally, you’ll consider the nature of your findings and identify various ways and suitable methods in which to explain and share those findings with others.

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