Level 2 Teaching Assistant Certificate NCFE CACHE

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Level 2 Teaching Assistant Certificate NCFE CACHE

Unit 1 – Schools as organisations

In unit one, you’ll examine the structure of education from early years up to post-compulsory education. You’ll gain an understanding of how schools are organised in terms of roles and responsibilities, as well as how schools decide on and deliver their ethos, mission, aims, and values.

Unit 2 – Child and young person development

As a childcare worker, it’s important that you’re aware of expected patterns of development from birth to 19 years, and that’s what the opening unit will cover. You’ll also take a look at the factors which can influence a young person’s development, and understand the role that important life transitions can play.

Unit 3 – Safeguarding children and young people

In the third unit, you’ll become familiar with some of the policies, legislation, and procedures for the safeguarding of children. You’ll discover what to do when a child is ill or injured, including emergency procedures, and how to appropriately respond to concerns that a child is being mistreated or abused.

Unit 4 – Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion

Making sure all children are treated fairly and equally is of paramount importance in a learning environment. In this unit, you’ll examine the impact that prejudice and discrimination can have, and the inclusive practices that you should be incorporating into your work.

Unit 5 – Maintain relationships with children and young people

Building healthy relationships is all about communication. In unit five, you’ll study how to interact with and respond to children and young people, as well as your colleagues. You’ll also take a look at some of the current legislation and policies that govern the sharing of information and data protection.

Unit 6 – Support the health and safety of children and young people

Here you’ll gain an understanding of health and safety legislation in a learning environment by assessing risk, risk awareness and learning emergency procedures. After completing this unit, you will be able to contribute to health and safety in a learning environment.

Unit 7 – Promoting positive behaviour

This unit focuses on how to set appropriate rules and boundaries, encourage and reward positive behaviour, and how to deal with inappropriate behaviour and bullying.

Unit 8 – Contribute to teamwork in a learning environment

In this unit you’ll gain an understanding of effective teamwork and the ways in which you can contribute to support the work of the team.

Unit 9 – Understand children and young people’s play and leisure

For this unit you will understand the importance of play and leisure. Including your own role in relation to play, leisure and extra-curricular activities.

Unit 10 – Promote an effective learning environment

In this unit you’ll learn how to support the teacher in planning learning activities. Then how to support learners during these activities and the strategies to help monitor children’s development and progress.

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